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Public Art Program

  • creativephl
  • November 23, 2016

Philadelphia is known world-wide for its public art and is believed to be the oldest and largest collection in the United States. Sculptures, statues, murals and more works of art from artists local and international make up the collection that can be seen in almost every neighborhood in Philadelphia.  The OACCE is committed to advancing, preserving and celebrating this collection. The two main public art initiatives for the OACCE are the administration of the Percent for Art Ordinance and the Conservation and Collection Management of public art.

Percent for Art

Philadelphia is home to the first Percent for Art Ordinance, which administers one percent of City construction funds over $1 million for site-specific public art. The program commissions artists to create compelling and enduring public artwork to enrich public spaces and strengthen the spaces that already exist.

The Percent for Art Program initiates several works of art every year that are installed throughout the city. Highlights include all permanent public art in Philadelphia International Airport and at the Public Safety Services Campus.

Questions about the Percent for Art program? Contact Percent for Art Project Manager Jacque Liu,, or call (215) 686-4593. 

Conservation and Collection Management

The OACCE recognizes the importance of new public art installations, but just as important are the conservation and maintenance of public art in the city.  Over 1000 sculptures, reliefs, mosaics, stained glass pieces, kinetic works, paintings, and murals are a part of the Conservation and Collection Management program that works to preserve these works of art for generations to come.

When an artwork is chosen for conservation, the OACCE facilitates the conservation process from the relocation of the work, develops a condition assessment, and protects the work from damage. Highlights of this program include: the cleaning of William Penn atop City Hall, and the restoration of the Playing Angels on Kelly Drive.

Questions about the Public Art Program or conservation and collection management of the City of Philadelphia’s permanent public art collection? Contact Public Art Director Margot Berg,, or call (215) 686-4596.